Hello, I’m Sophie / Moien, ech sin d’Sophie

I am an artist and designer working between Luxembourg and rural Wales. I am a trained graphic designer and run my own practice from my desk. When I can, I go for long walks or runs in the forest. 

My drawings come from thinking about human memory, consciousness and the mind, but also from trying not to think, and let the hands lead the drawing. It is a meditative process, learning to let go. I marvel at the results that look so familiar afterwards, close to the natural beauty around us. 

I usually draw with fine-line pens or pencil on paper. 

︎ If you have questions, comment or ideas, write to me.

All photos on this website are shot on film by our in-house photographer and local documentarist, Jacob Robinson. ︎
Information regarding prints / cards

Although not printed by hand, the process used in my prints for sale is not as perfect as that of a digital printer. You might find some imperfections here and there, I hope that is OK with you. 

I try to source sustainable, responsible material. Paper and envelopes are made of recycled/FSC certified paper, produced in the UK or in Europe. The postage and wrapping I use is completely plastic free. If anything arrives to you damaged, let me know. 

Please note that due to life and the way things are currently in the UK, don’t expect your delivery within 24hrs. I do take a little bit of time to package and dispatch. If there is an urgency, let me know and I will do my best!
To enquire about commissions, collaborations or purchasing one of the artworks, please get in touch with me here.
©Sophie Chatellier
Collaborations / Commissions ︎ Contact me ︎
©Sophie Chatellier